A frankenpolish, or a franken, is a nail polish made by mixing excisting, commonly commercial, polishes. Sometimes glitter and/or pigments are added. The name franken stems from the process of mixing parts of products into a new product, not entirely unlike Dr. Frankensteins use of various bodyparts when creating his monster.

Franken vs. IndieEdit

Indie polishes, or just indies, is a term commonly used for polishes sold by independent polish makers. As there is some stigma connected to the use of commercial polishes as pigmentation in indie polishes, many indie polish makers refrain from using the word franken for their creations. Nevertheless, a few of the bigger indie polish companies have admitted to using commercial polish in their own products. These are still termed indie polishes, though franken polish also would apply.

On the other hand, a polish made without commercial products as ingredients, and without the intention of being sold, does not have a better term than franken. The lack of clear cut definitions have led to the terms being used interchangably in some grey area cases.

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